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New Year Release Announcement for Feature Flags Management Service: Introducing FeatBit v3

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Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2024, FeatBit is thrilled to announce a major release that we've been eagerly preparing for.

To fully appreciate this update, we recommend starting with our article "Overview of Modern Feature Flags Management Service". This piece offers a quick understanding of Feature Flags Management Services, detailing how they integrate with the broader technical ecosystem, enhance R&D team efficiency, and foster organizational growth. This background will enrich your understanding of FeatBit's latest version.

In this announcement, we'll cover the new release in three sections:

  • Current release's new features.
  • Upcoming features in development.
  • FeatBit's objectives for 2024.

Key New Features in FeatBit V3

Note: All features are open source.


  1. Expanding on our existing .NET (C#), Python, Java, and Go SDKs for backend services, we now proudly support the NodeJS SDK.
  2. We have integrated OpenFeature standardized SDKs for Java and NodeJS for backend, along with a Javascript SDK for frontend.


Our feature-rich WebHook allows seamless integration with various tools and workflows:

  1. Send Feature Flags & Segment Webhook events to any required API endpoints.
  2. Dispatch Feature Flags & Segment Activity/Deployment Events to Observability tools for faster issue detection and rollback, including:
    • DataDog
    • New Relic Ones
    • Grafana
    • And more
  3. Send Feature Flags & Segment Notifications to Communication tools, enhancing team collaboration:
    • Teams
    • Slack
    • And more


Building on our auto turn-off trigger for flags, we've added key workflow features for feature flags management:

  • Scheduled flag changes: Define and schedule future changes to your flag’s targeting rules.
  • Approval Request: Enables team leaders to approve feature flag changes made by team members.


Utilize REST APIs for comprehensive control over feature flags and Segments, enabling:

  • Integration with your Entitlement Management service.
  • APIs, instead of manual feature flag deactivation.When an issue is detected by APM tools, alerts can trigger a rollback of a feature using FeatBit's REST APIs.
  • Simplification of DevOps pipelines through streamlined feature flag management.
  • And more.

Export Data:

We've prepared two guides on exporting feature flag insights and experimental events to third-party data tools or warehouses:

  • How to export data to Segment, Azure EventHub, and other destinations.
  • Integration with Growthbook for A/B testing.

We eagerly await your feedback on optimizing data export functionalities.

Self-Host Deployment Solution:

  • Helm Chart: Easily deploy FeatBit to production-level Kubernetes infrastructures, available for both Standard and Pro versions. We also offer a paid enterprise-level solution for multi-data-center deployments.
  • Terraform: Deploy the standard version of FeatBit to Azure with our Terraform solution. Your feedback on this is highly valued.

SSO & Workspace:

  • Workspace: Large teams can now manage multiple organizations and projects within a single workspace. Enterprise license holders can extend their license across the company.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): For larger teams, FeatBit supports SSO for seamless integration with existing enterprise accounts.

Near future features we're working on

OpenTelemetry: Export Self-Hosted FeatBit Service logs and status to monitoring systems using the OpenTelemetry protocol for enhanced service maintenance.

FeatBit's 2024 Tasks

After a year of significant developments in 2023, FeatBit has evolved into a real Modern Feature Flags Management Service, equipped with essential features. Our focus for 2024 is clear:

  • Gather community and customer feedback.
  • Develop and release updates based on this feedback.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Our contributors, whose dedication has been instrumental to our success.
  • Our users, whose valuable feedback has guided our development.
  • Our early-stage enterprise customers, whose support has been crucial.
  • Everyone who has tried FeatBit, inspiring us to continue improving and delivering a top-notch product.

We hope that FeatBit will provide you with the best open-source feature flags management service.