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FeatBit, a Fast & Scalable Open Source Feature Flags Management Tool built with .NET; Ideal for Self Hosting.
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A Fast, Scalable, and Open-source Feature Flags Management Service. For Cloud & Self-hosting.

The best solution for a Feature Flagging server that is written in C#

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In the realm of software development, finding the right tools can sometimes feel like navigating through a labyrinth. One of our customers recently shared their journey of discovering FeatBit, illuminating how precise their search parameters were: they sought a feature flagging solution written in C#, open-sourced under the MIT License, and with active development. Their quest led them to us, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be part of their software development toolkit.

Discovering FeatBit

FeatBit, found at, is a dedicated Feature Flagging server, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of modern-day software developers. Our tool fits snugly into the .NET ecosystem, being primarily written in C#, one of the most widely used languages in enterprise applications today.

What Makes FeatBit Stand Out?

Our solution is not just another tool in the market. We’ve designed FeatBit to be intuitive, robust, and scalable, addressing the pain points developers often encounter in managing feature flags.

Open-source under the MIT License, FeatBit encourages community-driven enhancements. We strongly believe in the power of collective wisdom and have made our software available for tinkering, modification, and improvement by developers worldwide. We are not just a tool created for developers; we are shaped by developers.

Our Commitment to Active Development

We understand that the tech world is continuously evolving, and staying static is not an option. Our active development commitment ensures that we're always ready to adapt to new challenges, integrate feedback, and implement necessary changes. We're not just providing a solution; we're continuously refining it.

A Part of Your Software Development Toolkit

Feature flagging is a powerful strategy for software development and release. It empowers developers to safely deploy, perform A/B testing, gradually roll out features, and improve overall software quality. FeatBit is built with these objectives at its core, providing developers the control they need while maintaining simplicity of use.

The journey of our customer in discovering FeatBit sheds light on the nuanced requirements of today's developers. We are thrilled to have been the solution they were searching for, and we are excited to see more developers find their way to us.

Start Your FeatBit Journey Today

Intrigued about FeatBit? Discover more at and see how we can be a part of your software development process.

Ready to dive in? Click the Try it Online button or the Check GitHub button on the left side of the page to start your journey with FeatBit today. There's no better time to join the FeatBit community and start revolutionizing your feature flag management!