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FeatBit, a Fast & Scalable Open Source Feature Flags Management Tool built with .NET; Ideal for Self Hosting.
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A Fast, Scalable, and Open-source Feature Flags Management Service. For Cloud & Self-hosting.

C# feature flags: An Introduction to FeatBit

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Feature flags have become an indispensable tool in the modern software developer's toolbox, providing the ability to toggle features on and off, roll out features gradually, perform A/B testing, and much more. For developers working in the .NET ecosystem, particularly with C#, finding a feature flagging solution that fits seamlessly into their workflow is of utmost importance. That's where FeatBit comes in.

FeatBit: A C# Solution to Feature Flagging Service

FeatBit, available at, is an open-source feature flag service specifically designed with C# and .NET in mind. As a feature flagging server written primarily in C#, FeatBit offers a seamless integration into the .NET ecosystem, making it a preferred choice for developers working with C#.

Why Choose FeatBit?

One of the main reasons developers love FeatBit is because it speaks their language – literally. Our solution is written in C#, enabling it to work harmoniously within the .NET ecosystem and making it an intuitive choice for C# developers.

Furthermore, as an open-source project under the MIT License, FeatBit fosters a sense of community. We not only invite developers to use FeatBit but also to contribute to its growth and development. This community-driven model ensures that FeatBit stays relevant, robust, and responsive to the needs of developers.

Active Development: A Key Feature of FeatBit

The world of technology never stands still, and neither does FeatBit. Our commitment to active development means we're constantly refining and updating our solution based on feedback from the community and changes in the broader tech landscape.

Begin Your Journey with FeatBit Today

If you're a developer working in C# and seeking an effective feature flagging solution, FeatBit could be the tool you need. Visit us at to learn more about our offerings.

To get started right away, simply click the "Try it Online" or "Check GitHub" buttons on the left side of the page. You'll be able to dive right into FeatBit and discover first-hand how it can revolutionize your feature flag management.

Join the FeatBit community today and begin your journey to a more flexible, manageable, and innovative approach to feature flagging.