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FeatBit, a Fast & Scalable Open Source Feature Flags Management Tool built with .NET; Ideal for Self Hosting.
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A Fast, Scalable, and Open-source Feature Flags Management Service. For Cloud & Self-hosting.

Embracing FeatBit: Why Open Source Feature Flag Tools are the Future of Agile Software Development

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Open source feature flag tools are becoming increasingly popular in the world of agile software development. They provide developers with the flexibility and customisation they need to develop software applications quickly and efficiently. With these tools, developers can easily create, manage and deploy new features in their applications without the need for extensive coding or programming skills.

Use FeatBit to manage your feature flags

FeatBit provides an easy and efficient way to manage the feature flags in your projects. Feature Flags are organised by project and environment, so any changes you make in one environment won't affect the others. Also, as you have more and more feature flags, it becomes complicated and tedious to manage them. FeatBit allows you to add tags to better categorise your feature flags.

Multi-tenant support

FeatBit supports multi-tenancy, allowing you to divide your organisation into smaller, isolated groups according to business or other policies. Different groups are isolated so people can focus on their own work. This makes it extremely easy to manage the organisation. However, isolation doesn't mean that working across groups is impossible. In fact, if cross-group work is required, a person can be added to multiple groups and perform any actions allowed in any of the groups.

Audit log: log all the changes to feature flags and segments

FeatBit logs all changes to feature flags and segments, and the UI gives a clear description of each change: when, what and who made the change. The changes can be easily undone in case of an accident.

Visibility of how a feature is used by your users

When the feature wrapped by a feature flag is used by a user, a log is sent back to the FeatBit server. Using the UI, you can easily find out not only how often the feature was used, but also when and which version of the feature was exposed to each user.

A/B testing

Feature Flags allow you to perform A/B testing to determine which features or changes work best for your users. This can help you optimise your software for better user engagement, satisfaction and retention. Creating an A/B test with FeatBit is extremely easy. By creating a metric and associating it with an existing feature, an A/B test can be started at any time without deploying any code. To learn more about A/B testing with FeatBit, please read the documentation

Flexibility to configure permissions

FeatBit offers a highly customisable Identity Access and Management (also known as IAM, and it is usually not free in other similar tools) process to configure the permissions of all your teams. Everyone is restricted to the actions they have been granted. This can significantly reduce the risk of inadvertent tampering.


FeatBit is a powerful, open-source feature flag management tool specifically designed to help teams incorporate feature flags into their workflows. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, FeatBit streamlines the process of implementing feature flags, enabling teams to focus on delivering secure, high-quality software at a faster pace.